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Board Members (2017-2019)

Fawz Abdallah


Kamal Jaroudi (Resigned)

Vice President (resigned)

 Dalal Rahme

 Secretary                                                    Publications Coordinator

 Dominga Abboud


 Fadia Khailrallah

 Events Coordinator

 Ibrahim Issa

 Specialized Libraries                            Group Coordinator

 Jamal Tabbara

 Board Member

 Nabil Badran

 Membership Coordinator

Randa Chidiac

Public Relations

 Rudayna Shoujaa


LLA board members are elected every 2 years by LLA members.

The 10 elected professionals are affiliated to different institutions in Lebanon. They volunteer for 2 years to manage all LLA activities.

The board meets on monthly basis for planning and organization. 

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