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Innovative libraries: Paths to the future

Le Commodore Hotel Beirut, Lebanon

May 9-11, 2018

WEDNESDAY May 09, 2018

Wednesday May 9

08:00 - 09:00        Registration

09:00 - 10:30        Opening Ceremony

                              Dr. Ghassan Mourad: Master of Ceremony

                              Dr. Fawz Abdallah, President, Lebanese Library Association

            Mr. Sanjay Bihani, Representative, International Federation

      of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

                              H.E. Dr. Ghattas Khoury, Minister of Culture

                              Exhibition Opening


10:30- 11:30         Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: 10:30 am -11:30 am

Dr. Jay Schafer: Paths to the Future: Aspirations and Obstacles

Session 1:

11:30 - 11:50        Dr. Lokman Meho: Use of bibliometrics for collection development and for advancing the status of libraries and librarians on campus

11:50 - 12:10       Dr. Raghavenda Manbol and Dr. Vandana Wash: Cost Effective & Sustainable Development Practices for Academic Libraries

12:10 - 12:30       Ms. Véronique Thomé: Low cost, best practices for innovative

                            preservation of library collections/ Innover pour mieux conserver les

                            collections en bibliothèque à moindre coût

12:30-12:45          Discussion

Session 212:50 – 02:1s0       SESSION 2

12:50 -01:10        Mr. Michael P. Dowling: Libraries Transform: U.S. Libraries Innovate to Meet Community Needs

01:10-01:30          د. مود اسطفان والاستاذة ريتا معلوف: الوعي المعلوماتي بين المكتبيين والاكاديميين

01:30-01:50    د. غالب عبد الكريم عزيز: الابتكار الابداعي وتكنولوجيا المعلومات ودورهما في زيادة الانشطة المكتبية وتطويره في المكتبات المركزية في الجامعات العراقية

01:50-02:10          Discussion

02:15-03:15          Lunch

Session 3

03:15-03:35        Mr. Sanjay K. Bihani: IFLA and its Global Vision

03:35-03:55          السيدة منى عكنان: المسؤولية الاجتماعية لدى المكتبات الجامعية الخاصة في لبنان

03:55-04:15       Ms. Dalal Rahme: Data Services at the American University of Beirut:   Opportunities and Challenges

04:15-04:30       Discussion

THURSDAY May 10 2018

08:30 - 09:00        Coffee Reception

 09:00-10:30               SESSION 4

09:00-09:20          د. وحيد قدورة: المكتبات في عالم متغير: اي مستقبل للمكتبات الجامعية؟

09:20-09:40          Ms. Sawsan Habre: The Changing Role\Future of Academic Libraries in    the New Scholarly Communication system

09:40-10:00          د. عماد بشير: حول النشر الاكاديمي في لبنان

10:00-10:15          Discussion

10:15-10:30          Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:15        Sponsor Session

10:30-10:50          EBSCO

10:50-11:10          SADER

11:10-11:30          Elsevier

11:30-11:45          IEEE

11:45-12:00          Accucoms

12:00-12:15          Discussion

12:15-01:35          SESSION 5

12:15-12:35          Dr. Stuart James Hamilton: The innovative national library, and speak about how we are developing something new in Qatar

12:35-12:55          العميد الركن(م) نعيم زيادة: حماية الممتلكات الثقافية في النزاع المسلح

12:55-01:15          د. أزهار زايد جاسم و أ. د. لمى فاخر عبد الزاق ود. ثناء شاكر حمودي: مساهمة دار الكتب والوثائق الوطنية العراقية في تحقيق اهداف التنمية المستدامة 2030                                

01:15-01:35          Discussion

01:35:02:35      Lunch

02:40-04:15          Sponsor Session

02:40-02:55          Arabian Advanced Systems

02:55-03:10          Panworld

03:10-03:25          ProQuest

03:25-03:40          Bloomsbury

03:40-03:55          TechKnowledge

03:55-04:15          Discussion

FRIDAY May 11, 2016

08:30 – 09:00        Coffee Reception

09:00 - 10:20        SESSION 6

09:00 - 09:20        Mr. Pascal Sanz: Quelques réflexions d'un vieux bibliothécaire français sur les bibliothèques comme lieux et moteurs de l'innovation / Some thoughts of an old French librarian on libraries as places and motors of innovation

09:20-09:40         Dr. Antoine Dahdah: Sustainable Design for Academic Libraries

09:40-10:00         Ms. Karen Bertrams: SPOENK* Creating dynamic library floors for people from 0-100

10:00-10:20          Discussion


10:20-10:30          Coffee Break

10:15- 12:30         SESSION 7

10:30-10:50          د. سعد بن سعيد الزهري: الحوسبة السحابية واستثمارها المستقبلي في المكتبات العامة

                         السعودية: رؤية استشرافية

10:50-12:10          Ms. Antoinette Kattoura and Mr. Amine Moussa: Sharing Lebanese History with Global Audience: Heinz Gaube Photographs Collection of Lebanese Vernacular Architecture

12:10-12:30          Ms. Basma Chabani:  The Contribution of OCLC Schema, IFLA/LRM entities and LC in the Structuring of the Bibliographic Data and Authorities within the Linked Data for more Visibility on the Web

12:30-12:45          Discussion

12:45-01:45          Sponsor Session

12:45-01:00          Emerald

01:00-01:15          Cengage

01:15-01:30          Implementers

01:30-01:45          Discussion

01:45-2:45            Lunch

2:45-4:00              SESSION 8

02:45:03:05         Ms. Maria Cotera: We embrace digital innovation: IE University

Library reinventing higher education

03:05-03:25         Dr. Antoine Habchi: Leadership and communication skills for librarians

03:25-03:45                Mr. Jukka Relander

03:45-4:00            Discussion

0400 - 04:30         CLOSING SESSION

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