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Paper Submission Guidelines

The accepted papers of the conference are published in the Proceedings. We ask that authors follow these basic guidelines when submitting to LLA.

Submissions to LLA 2018 must be original; submissions cannot have been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Further, submissions must not be concurrently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere.  If your paper has previously been published as a working paper or a preprint, you will be asked to describe this as part of the submission process.

Page Setup
It is strongly recommended to observe this given paper format. We kindly advise you to follow the formatted template.

§  Size: A4 paper, Portrait;
§  Margins: Left/Right 2.5 cm, Top 2.5 cm, Bottom 2.5 cm, Header/Footer 1.27 cm.;
§  Alignment: Arabic: Left / English: Justify;
§  Line Spacing: 1.5 spacing; double spacing between sections; single space between paragraphs within a section;
§  Footer can be used for the centered page numbers: Traditional Arabic, 12pt. / Times New Roman, Size 10.

Any submission that exceeds page length limits will be rejected without review. Paper length limitations are intended to encourage authors to publish full-length papers in journals or other outlets at a later date.
§  Length of full paper submission: 5000-7000 words (excluding tables and references);
§  A paper should include a structured abstract of maximum 250 words;
§  The entire paper must be submitted in ONE document.

Papers can be submitted in Arabic, the official language of the Conference, as well as in English

§  Arabic: Traditional Arabic;
§  English: Times New Roman

Body Text
§  Arabic: Traditional Arabic, Size 14;
§  English: Times New Roman, Size 12.

Paper Title
The paper title should be in chosen font (Traditional Arabic 20pt. / Times New Roman 16pt. / bold and centered).  Ensure proper capitalization within your title (i.e. “The Next Frontier of Information Systems” versus “the next frontier of Information systems.”

Author name and address
Use styles ‘Author’ (12 pt.) and ‘Author address’ (11 pt.) Times New Roman, flush left, one line space between author(s) and address(es).

Use style ‘Abstract: Bold, Traditional Arabic: Size 16, left alignment / Times New Roman, Size 12, justified. Double spacing between Title, Abstract and Author address.
Headings and Subheadings
Styles for three levels of headings are provided:
Heading: Regular Upper and Lower Case (regular; 14pt.) (Arabic: 16pt.)
Sub-section: Italics Upper and Lower Case (italics; 12pt.) (Arabic: 14 pt.)
Sub subsection: Regular lower case (underlined; 12pt.) (Arabic: 14 pt.)
Heading:               3. Aggregate Economic Growth
Subsection:                  3.1 Developments in the External Trade Sector, 97-98
Sub-Subsection:          3.3.1. Exports and imports in the GCC countries, 97-98

Figures, Tables & Captions
No inclusion of any institutional graphics or logos
Place figures and tables close to the relevant text (or where they are referenced in the text).
Captions should be Traditional Arabic 13 / Times New Roman 10pt. and bold:
§  Figure captions must appear centered below the figure, containing the figure number according to chapter (if applicable) and sequence. (Figure 1.3: The variations in scholastic performance);
§  Table captions must appear centered above the table, containing the table number according to chapter (if applicable) and sequence. (Table 2.1: Percentage of dropouts across ten years).

References and Citations
In-line citations and references must follow the format specified in the APA (American Psychological Association) Publication Manual.
Your references should comprise only published materials accessible to the public. Proprietary information may not be cited.
§  Do not force the References section to start on a new page;
§  Use style ‘Heading’ for the section heading and do not number the heading;
§  Line Spacing: Entries should be 1.5-spaced with no extra space between entries;
§  Indentation: Entries themselves should be formatted with a hanging indent of 1 cm for each citation: the first line of each reference is flush with the left margin; subsequent lines of the same reference are indented;
§  Alignment: Arabic: Left / English: right;
§  Sorting: Alphabetically according to the surname of the first author.

§  LLA will not accept papers containing material that have been plagiarized from other sources;
§  LLA Scientific Committee reserves the right to submit papers to a plagiarism checking service;
§  LLA will not accept resubmissions or revisions of papers that have been rejected on account of plagiarism.

The Lebanese Library Association advocates open-access to scientific data and uses a Creative Commons license for publishing and distributing any papers. All papers that are presented at the LLA 2018 Conference will be made available online via the Association website under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Under this License, you as the author agree that anyone can reuse your article in whole or part for any purpose, for free, even for commercial purposes. Anyone may copy, distribute, or reuse the content as long as the author and original source are properly cited.
A license note citing the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License as shown below needs to be placed in the footnote on the first page of the article.
First Author et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Paper should be submitted by email to Dr. Ghassan Mourad (ghassan.mourad@ul.edu.lb ) and Dr. Fawz Abdallah (fabdallas@gmail.com ).
No changes in the paper title, abstract, authorship, and actual paper can be made after the submission deadline.

Important dates
§  Paper Submission Deadline: March 20, 2018
§  Notification of Paper Acceptance: April 10 30, 2018

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