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Specialized libraries round table meeting

Objectives of the Specialized Libraries group:

  • To enhance cooperation among its members (professionals who work in special libraries serving business, research, government, universities, newspapers, museums, and institutions that use or produce specialized information);
  • To activate the sharing of information about all the specialized libraries, as well as resources;
  • To develop a program for the staff of specialized libraries, which will contribute to enhancing competencies, exchanging experiences and establishing activities aimed at developing skills.

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Cataloging Standards network image

Objectives of the Cataloging Standards group:

  • To create a national standardized subject heading list in the Arabic language subject based upon standard subject headings in other languages;
  • To act as a forum to discuss common problems and share solutions;
  • To provide members with resources, tools and training to advocate locally and statewide for national standards;
  • To propose and develop national policies, guidelines, and standards for bibliographic information to address the needs of the Lebanese community;

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School Libraries book shelves in the background

Objectives of the School Libraries group:

  • To liaise with members in the development of a school library (SL) network;
  • To support professional development opportunities and enhance expertise for the members though workshops and seminars;
  • To showcase best practices in SL programs within the educational community;
  • To provide members with resources, tools and training to advocate locally and statewide for school library programs;
  • To promote development and sustenance of a reading culture and the creation of a knowledge society that would enhance socio-economic development;
  • To inform and advocate for the vital role strong school library programs play in student achievement when staffed by a credentialed school librarian;
  • To provide a forum for communication and cooperation between information professionals at local, national, regional and international level;

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