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  • 9 Oct 2019 12:15 PM | Dalal Al-Hakim Rahmeh Rahme (Administrator)

    A full time librarian is needed at Nabu Museum

    Position: Librarian
    Company: Nabu Museum
    Location: El-Heri, in Ras Al Shaqa’, North Lebanon, Lebanon

    Status: Full-time
    Company Profile: Nabu Museum. Named after the Mesopotamian patron god of literacy, the museum offers an exceptional permanent collection of Bronze and Iron Age artifacts representing Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Phoenician and Mesopotamian, and contemporary Lebanese cultures …MORE
    Job Description: Managing the Library, and cataloging and organizing the works of a private collection in the subject of the Middle Eastern archeology. This collection was donated by Mr. Badih El Hajj. Implementing a library system for data storage and retrieval.
    Experience: 1-2 years
    Education: BA in Information studies

    ·         Strong communication skills to confidently explain information and converse with visitors

    ·         Organizational skills to effectively process all paperwork

    ·         Self-confidence to take the initiative to approach potential visitors

    If you are interested in this opportunity, please call Mr. Badr El Hajj on +961-3-092092.

  • 28 Feb 2019 10:23 AM | Dalal Al-Hakim Rahmeh Rahme (Administrator)

    يسر أكاديمية نسيج ومركز الإفلا للمكتبات الناطقة بالعربية أن يعلنا عن فتح باب التقدم لمنحتها السنوية لحضور مؤتمر الإفلا السنوي، والذي يقام هذا العام في الفترة من 24 إلى 30 أغسطس 2019، في أثينا، اليونان

    :للمزيد من المعلومات 


  • 6 Feb 2019 3:39 PM | Dalal Al-Hakim Rahmeh Rahme (Administrator)

    The PYP Librarian is responsible for all library academic and administrative procedures. The PYP Librarian will always provide active and dynamic leadership and support. Consistent with school policies, the Teacher Librarian will be responsible for the following key objectives:

    v  To successfully manage the library, establishing goals and expectations with both staff and learners to ensure that it is used to its maximum potential.

    v  To ensure that the resourcing of the library meets teaching goals across the school for the Primary Years Programme.

    v  To be directly involved in teaching and learning across the school, aligning the use of the library to the school goals.

    v  To promote and participate in staff learning and development.

    v  To be available to teach classes as required, ensuring high standards of learning that meet with the school vision and mission.

    Key duties of the PYP Librarian

    • Contribute to the development of whole school strategic planning

    • Lead the development of Library goals and targets that support the school goals and targets

    • Engage students and staff in the development of Library goals and targets

    • Communicate Library goals and targets to relevant staff and students

    • Provide a safe physical and emotional environment in the Library

    • Lead in the development of an environment which is culturally safe for students from all cultures

    • Regularly review purchases of library print and visual texts to meet learner and teacher requirements

    • Develop and implement effective systems for managing the routines and actions of the Library

    • Ensure that communications with students and parents are positive and effective, and consistent with school wide expectations

    • Develop and maintain the Library online resources

    • Plan and manage the resourcing of the library to meet teaching goals across the school for the PYP

    • Contribute to whole school decisions about resource allocation

    • Align resources to Library goals and targets

    • Effectively manage delegated budgets and assets

    • Engage in staff appointments to ensure that the best staff are appointed to the Library

    • Coordinate the management of an effective cataloguing system

    • Be directly involved in teaching and learning across the school, aligning the use of the library to the school goals

    • Contribute to school wide curriculum development

    • Establish and maintain Library review processes

    • Identify professional learning needs and plan to meet them

    • Work with teachers and learners in all stages of resource-based teaching and learning, including leadership and teaching of an information literacy programme

    • Work with the key staff in coordinating and drafting and implementing the school’s Literacy progressions

    • Work with teachers and learners to provide strategies and resources to support the curriculum

    • Monitor journals, and other print and electronic sources for relevant curriculum material in response to learner and teacher requests and identified needs

    • Work with class teachers to identify, source and purchase relevant books, resources, stories, research materials, magazines, posters, website lists that will support the curriculum

    • Lead special events such as visiting authors, book week and literary competitions

    Promote and participate in staff learning and development

    • Promote and model teacher professional learning in content, pedagogy and classroom management

    • Assist teachers and learners to become independent users of online resources through class/individual tuition

    • Promote professional learning of support staff in the Library

    • Work with the Heads of School in coordinating and implementing the school’s Academic Honesty policy

    • Teach classes or subjects that are consistent with training and qualifications

    • Co-operating with other staff to ensure a sharing and effective usage of resources to the benefit of the school and learners

  • 18 Dec 2018 9:47 AM | Dalal Al-Hakim Rahmeh Rahme (Administrator)

    Are you thinking of doing some cleaning and weeding, and you have a stack of books to purge so you can make room for all the shiny new books in your library?

    Wondering where you should place those de-shelved books or materials?

    The best way to find a home for those books is to donate them to the Library in the Family School, Maghdouche. It is a small privately-owned school located in the South of Lebanon, running for almost 50 years from Elementary to
    Middle School level. Composed of nearly 200 students, the staff and faculty are doing their best to provide quality education to the students; however, they have a very limited budget because of the low  fees
    that they charge.  The School’s mission to provide affordable education to kids that come from modest backgrounds; to kids who have been orphaned during the wars; and to kids with other social situations.

    The Family School is calling out for assistance in their Library project, one of several project-based support projects.

    If you have children books for from Grade 1 - Grade 9, i.e. 6-14 years, please pack them up and donate.

    If you have any second-hand Library furniture (bookshelves, etc...), put them aside and donate.

    You will be assisting in making a huge difference, and touching a child’s heart with the love of reading.

    If you have any questions about donating books or materials, please call Ms. Faten Nashef-Hayeck at +961-3 915 066 or email: faten.hayeck@gmail.com

    Your donations are greatly appreciated.

    Please, this Christmas support Library For All.

    Thank you in advance.

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