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Librarian needed at Nabu Museum

9 Oct 2019 12:15 PM | Dalal Al-Hakim Rahmeh Rahme (Administrator)

A full time librarian is needed at Nabu Museum

Position: Librarian
Company: Nabu Museum
Location: El-Heri, in Ras Al Shaqa’, North Lebanon, Lebanon

Status: Full-time
Company Profile: Nabu Museum. Named after the Mesopotamian patron god of literacy, the museum offers an exceptional permanent collection of Bronze and Iron Age artifacts representing Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Phoenician and Mesopotamian, and contemporary Lebanese cultures …MORE
Job Description: Managing the Library, and cataloging and organizing the works of a private collection in the subject of the Middle Eastern archeology. This collection was donated by Mr. Badih El Hajj. Implementing a library system for data storage and retrieval.
Experience: 1-2 years
Education: BA in Information studies

·         Strong communication skills to confidently explain information and converse with visitors

·         Organizational skills to effectively process all paperwork

·         Self-confidence to take the initiative to approach potential visitors

If you are interested in this opportunity, please call Mr. Badr El Hajj on +961-3-092092.

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