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IFLA Building Strong Library Associations: Lebanon country plan

IFLA Building Strong Library Associations: Lebanon country plan

IFLA visited Lebanon from June 24-25 2010 to develop the BSLA country plan for Lebanon and to plan for the first workshop to take place in October 2010.

Meetings were held with stakeholders and the Lebanese Library Association.

·       Governance and structure: revising bylaws, strategic planning, restructuring the association, develop a code of ethics for librarians

·       Member involvement: to create committees to provide ways for more members to be involved in the association, recruit new members

·       Communication: improving communications with members and potential members

·       Advocacy: promote the profession and begin to raise the status of librarians within institutions

LLA will partner with the four consortia in Lebanon (academic libraries, school libraries, document delivery and electronic resources, American Universities). They will continue to strengthen their relationship with Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI) and library schools. They may seek to develop a Friends of the LLA section to include a broader range of partners in their work.

·         Long term goals beyond the project include:

o   Financial sustainability, and being able to have a permanent location for the association and a paid staff member. Regular scheduled activities such as an annual conference.

o   Promotion of the profession to government to increase the status of librarians

o   Adopting the IFLA Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from Corruption Manifesto to use as a motivator for other associations and groups to become involved with LLA (LLA as a leader on this issue in Lebanon)

Randa Al-Chidiac  LLA, In-country facilitator

Dr. Fawz Abdallah, President LLA

Hilda Nassar, IFLA Asia and Oceania Section representative

Kay Raseroka, Trainer

Fiona Bradley, ALP Programme Coordinator, IFLA

 The President of the LLA will be the signatories to the project MOU, but Randa Al-Chidiac will be the main contact in Lebanon for the project.

BSLA Country Project: Lebanon


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