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2018 Conference: Innovative libraries: Paths to the future

Technology is transforming innovation in libraries. With re-imagination and clear vision, libraries are infusing new technologies while creating dynamic meeting places, digital repositories, 24/7 digital services, and remote access to physical and cloud-based collections, regardless of boundaries. Cutting edge modern architecture and design are prevalent in many libraries in the world. These libraries have become hub for information access, research and collaboration, and information sharing around the globe, even amidst tight financial resources. These libraries have adapted well in changing with the needs of their communities. There is no better time for libraries to become technology spaces physically and conceptually, to create value-added services and facilities to user communities, to collaborate, and to be beacons for information equity, access, sharing, and learning.

Date: May 9-11 2018

Location: Le Commodore Hotel Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

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